Play Bridge Online and Support Our Club

The ACBL, Bridge Base Online and Jay Whipple's CommonGame are now collaborating to help those of us who play in clubs to keep our partnerships and skills up while we do our part to abide by the current quarantine. 


We now have our own Temple Beth Israel Bridge Club “Support Your Local Club Black Point Games” program.

And 75% of the game fee of $6.00 will directly benefit our club.

Our OPEN games are Mondays at 5:30p, Thursdays at 1:30p and Fridays at 10:00a. 


All games will be like playing in our own virtual auditorium with all the familiar faces from the Temple Beth Israel Bridge Club, Sarasota and Bradenton.


Black points will be awarded. Each game is 18 boards with 7 minutes hands. Games are played in 2 hours.

1. Registration is 2 hours before game times. The game fee is $5.00.

2. Games are played at

3. Become a Bridge Base Online member or log in to if you are already a member. And make sure your ACBL number is correct.

4. Ensure that both you and your partner have sufficient BBO funds (called BB$) in your accounts by using the BB$ button in the top right corner of the page to add funds to your account.

5. Find our private games in the ACBL Virtual Clubs menu under 'Pairs LBK'.

6. VERY IMPORTANT! When making a reservation, be sure to add yourself and your partner. And both you and your partner must be online at the same time to make a reservation. And again, make certain that your ACBL numbers are correct.

7. You can find a partner using the BBO Partnership Desk - or you can email Marilyn Snodell for assistance.

8. After you make your reservation, return to and the ACBL World Lobby no later than 10 minutes before your game time.

9. The results of our online games are reported by ACBL Live for Clubs. Please click here to view the results.

10. If anyone requires assistance, please contact Marilyn Snodell by email, text or phone (941.780.1605).

Enjoy your game and see you again in November!

Instructions for Signing Up and Playing